What the reservoir could deliver

Our existing reservoirs not only provide vital water resources for the region, they also provide a range of other benefits. They:

  • support a whole host of leisure activities and facilities, such as water sports, cycling and walking
  • offer the chance for people to enjoy nature, and make sure wildlife can thrive
  • welcome two million people every year

Our vision for this project goes beyond just building a reservoir. We want to create a place where water, people and nature come together. That means creating space for wildlife, such as wetlands, alongside enabling new recreational and educational activities and natural places for people to explore. It also means creating new jobs and providing opportunities for local businesses and tourism.

Delivering our shared ambition

We know that regulators and our local and regional partners also want to make sure the reservoir delivers across a whole range of areas. And our customers and communities have been clear in their feedback so far that the reservoir should deliver local benefits, while being developed in a way that is sensitive to people and place.

Turning ambition into reality is an important responsibility, and we understand the impact and uncertainty that this long-term project creates for local landowners and communities.

That’s why we have set out how we’re going to deliver our shared ambition - the shared ambition of Anglian Water, local and central government, stakeholders and customers, to create a lasting, positive legacy for our region.

You can read more about how we plan to achieve this shared ambition here.

Developing a design

Anglian Water has released an artist’s impression of the proposed new reservoir in Lincolnshire.

The design has evolved using the valuable feedback from the first phase of consultation and shows how the reservoir could feature in the local landscape.

Its shape and gently sloping embankments are designed to integrate with the surrounding villages and farmland.

New footpaths and cycling trails would help connect adjacent communities with the reservoir, creating a place that brings people, nature and water together.

The image shows a unique lagoon feature, which would maintain a consistent water level all year round, facilitating activities such as sailing and wind surfing.

Each of these unique features would be connected by a network of new footpaths, encouraging visitors and the local community to explore the new outdoor destination.

We are continuing to engage with landowners, homeowners, local communities and other stakeholders as we develop our proposals.

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