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Before our phase one consultation, we completed a detailed site selection study to identify the proposed site for the reservoir.

We completed multiple stages of assessments to identify our proposed site. This aimed to make sure we identified a location that would be suitable for hosting a reservoir, and aimed to minimise impacts on nearby areas and communities, and meet planning and regulatory frameworks.

You can find out more about this process by reading our reservoir site selection report here

The proposed reservoir is located south-east of Sleaford, about halfway between Grantham and Boston. We asked people for their feedback on the areas we identified during our phase one consultation.

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We have since been progressing our proposals for the reservoir site to give everyone a better idea of what it could look like and what it could deliver, considering the feedback we received.

You can see our latest proposals for the reservoir site, including our emerging masterplan, here

Connecting the reservoir to sources and supply

One of the key factors in choosing the preferred location for the reservoir was the availability of water to supply it, and where in the existing water system we needed to connect to for supply to homes and businesses.


When completing our site selection process for the reservoir itself, we had already identified possible water sources that would have water available to fill the reservoir.

These are the sources which are included in our phase two proposals, shown in the order of which we’d draw available water from them:

  • The South Forty Foot Drain
  • The River Witham
  • The River Trent

You can find out more about how we’re planning to draw water from these sources and transfer the water to the reservoir here

Supplying water

Our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) told us where the water should be supplied to customers, identifying Ruthamford North and Bourne as the two water zones we need to connect to. We used these areas to identify the two distribution hubs we’ll connect to – Wilsthorpe in Lincolnshire, and Chesterton in Cambridgeshire.

You can find out more about how we’re planning to treat the water and transfer it to supply homes and businesses here

Identifying the right options

We’ve completed a multi-stage assessment to identify preferred ways for transferring water to and from the reservoir, and the associated water infrastructure needed.

This includes:

  • route options for transferring water to the reservoir via new underground pipelines or existing waterways
  • possible locations near the water sources for building the equipment needed
  • location options for a new water treatment works
  • routes for transferring treated water into supply via new underground pipelines and service reservoirs.

Find out more about what our latest proposals for this infrastructure includes here

Working with stakeholders

We engaged a range of stakeholders who provided input throughout the appraisal process, including:

  • Statutory environmental bodies such as the Environment Agency, Natural England and Historic England.
  • Water management, waterway and drainage authorities, including the Black Sluice Internal Drainage Board and Canal and River Trust.
  • Local authorities, to seek their opinion on how we could minimise potential impacts and maximise potential benefits.
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This illustrative map shows where water is being transferred from sources to the reservoir, and then where the treated water is being sent into supply. This illustrative map shows where water is being transferred from sources to the reservoir, and then where the treated water is being sent into supply.
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A guide to our proposals and phase two consultation brochure


Phase two consultation - associated water infrastructure proposals


Phase two consultation - main site design brochure

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